Contribute to the development of Web3D BabylonJS worlds-in-worlds visualization of astrophysics information using the Voyager sandbox.

Voyager is a web-based Magnetar Multiverse explorer, a collaborative sandbox, game, and simulation player. Players can leverage the "worlds-in-worlds" paradigm to operate alternate realities. You can fly as a spaceship, customize your own spacecraft, design your own avatar, all the while fulfilling thrilling missions across the vast universe and using our tools to exceed the limits of your imagination, artistry and knowledge of astrophysics.

Voyager's ground breaking feature is a multi-segment zooming strategic tactical alien terrain and space navigator. The viewer provides two modes:

  • Sandbox mode includes tools for distributed non-programmer content authoring and scripting extensibility for experienced programmers and the scientific community.
  • Reality mode allows users to view and explore published worlds.

Share and find content in the Matrix

Accessed within Voyager, all user-created project content will be organized, searchable, and available for re-use within the Matrix system. This database is scalable, meaning the system is designed to organically grow as the content load increases.

Find and join guild teams

Since a major feature of our project is online collaboration, we offer tools to help facilitate finding, joining, and communicating within a team. These tools are integrated within the online authoring interface. Voyager will provide direct support for guilds, factions, or collaborative groups of users. Tools provided will enable instant chat communication between team members, other teams, create, save, or upload documents.

Babylon World