Participate in an exciting new genre astrophysics-based Virtual Alternate Reality Game and TV series introducing Voyager landing craft simulation using CesiumJS.

Voyager will allow you to model your own virtual planets and galaxies with a visionary "worlds-in-worlds" approach. You can fly as a spaceship, customize your own spacecraft, explore a distant star system, all the while fulfilling thrilling missions across the vast universe and using our tools to exceed the limits of your imagination, artistry, and knowledge of astrophysics.

Play the game and follow the TV series

To showcase Voyager's synergy for game and film production, Magnetar will use its own authoring tools to create and launch a space-themed virtual world alternate reality game (a VARG), followed by a TV series. The Magnetar series will begin with the exploration of the dwarf planet Ceres, which is currently being mapped in detail by the NASA Dawn Mission, and contains a blend of astrophysics models, intricate virtual locations, and extensive computer-generated imagery.

Magnetar World