Author the World's first astrophysics encyclopedia based on the simulation interoperability standard SEDRIS.

Astrophysicists, Robotics, and Artificial Life researchers using Magnetar Multiverse will be able to model their theories and employ our super-peer architecture to crunch data across a distributed network. One key component to these simulations is SURF (Synthetic Universe Representation Foundation), a global heterogeneous astrophysics simulation grid.

SURF is a set of specific schemas in SEDRIS of a dataset that represents astrophysics data for use by Magnetar Multiverse or other third-party data access engines. The goals of SURF are to promote the re-use of legacy software, and will include simulations of astrophysical phenomena to support the functionality of Voyager.

  • Magnetar Multiverse will provide a streamlined method for advanced users to code plug-ins to be used by the system. This would allow scientific researchers to code customized simulations to crunch data with specific analysis methods.
  • A non-programmer will make use of existing plug-ins (either company or third-party produced) to experience astrophysical models, simulations, or views.

While the main users for the open-source encyclopedic databases will Astrophysicists researchers, the Matrix user-created content and user base will expand to include Robotics and Artificial Life data models for simulations and games. Researchers will be able to build and operate virtual models.

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